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The great potential of veggie products


With the development of economy and the improvement of people's living quality, healthy and green lifestyle is being advocated by contemporary people. In terms of catering, people no longer only pursue being stuffed, delicious and nutritious gradually become the basic needs. As a new mode of life, the veggie and simple life presents the modern urban people's concept of returning to nature, returning to health, low-carbon and environmental protection, as well as the humanistic spirit of returning to simplicity and truth and pursuing self-sublimation.


Ensued, veggiew products of the growing market demand, one of the most obvious is the demand of veggie food, milk substitutes, for example, in 2018, global vegetable protein food market is expected to reach $5 billion in value, predicts by 2020, the global dairy foods, worth $19.5 billion, by 2054, plant-based foods in proportion of the entire food industry will reach a third.



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