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Chinese Academician calls for state-strategic plan on meat alternative during “Two Sessions”

Phf. Baoguo Sun, Top scientist of meat alternative field, Member of the CPPCC National Committee, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, President of Beijing Technology and Business University, brought up his proposal of meat alternative during “Two Sessions” on May 21. 

Meat alternative is the hottest topic of food sector in 2019 in China. Meat alternatives includes plantbased meat and cultured meat. Chinese people are much more familiar with plantbased meat given the profound buddhism culture and diet, and cultured meat is much new thing for them. 

Phf. Baoguo Sun mentioned, cultured meat has already become a hot spot in the international meat alternative research, and it has drawn great attention from all major developed countries, such as the United States, the European Union, Japan, and Israel. Cultured meat is accessible through large-scale, low-cost tissue culture of animal muscle stem cells in vitro. The new meat production method is highly considered to solve the problem of global meat supply.  

"Compared with European and American countries, China's demand for food nutrition flavor is more diverse, therefore, not only need to develop similar technologies to European and American countries, but also requires a lot of independent innovation." Phf. Sun said. And China shall implement more research on this field immediately. This can help China to achieve the high technologies, and ensure China's future meat supply. At this point, this can be considered as a state-level strategy.   

he suggested to increase investment in the research and development of cultured meat in order to solve key technical challenges: including efficient acquisition of seed cells, rapid cell proliferation, induced differentiation of cells, cultured meat processing, and the flavor, texture, nutrition, and production equipment. Also to encourage scientific and innovative research. At the same time, to establish and improve the regulatory system, laws and regulations for cultured meat industry. “We can learn from the U.S. regulatory responsibility division of labor, strengthen the safety of seed cell donor animals and the supervision of the entire process of cultured meat production, and Safety riskassessment, systematic safety assessment of components that have no history of safe use in cultured meat production, and new production processes, forming a complete set of independent standard systems and objective supervision in product safety and nutritional ingredient evaluation system to promote the healthy development of the cultured meat industry.” 

In addition, Phf. Sun emphasized that public knowledge propagation should also be carried out to guide consumers to correctly understand cultured meat. This will help consumers to know the distinctions from traditional meat, and better public acceptance of this new meat alternative. 

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